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Founder, Ola Abu Alghaib standard

Ola Abu Alghaib has over 15 years of experience working on issues of inclusive development, disability and poverty, and inclusive social policies in low and middle income countries. She has extensive experience in working on Gender and  Disability  research  and  programming  in  developing,  transitioning,  and  post-conflict  countries. She  is  currently  a  PhD  researcher  at  the  University  of  East  Anglia.  She earned  an  MA  in  Power, Participation and Social Change from IDS at  Sussex University.  Her research interests encompass the association  between  disability  and  poverty,  the  economic  impact  of  disability  onset,  and multidimensional  poverty  in  the  MENA  region  for  persons  with  disabilities,  social  protection programs and the impact on persons with disabilities independence and social inclusion. Please like & share:

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