SHS has participated in a regional conference in Lebanon on Disability movement

In April 2014Our Advocacy and lobbying coordinator participated in the regional conference held in Lebanon on discussing the situation if the disability movement and its future development in the region .

Conference about the Rights of Employment for People with Disabiltiies

On Wednesday, the 20th of November 2013, a conference has been held at Ceasar Hotel in Ramallah under the title of “Rights of Employment for People with Disabilities”. This conference was organized by the forum of “raise your voice” with direct technical and financial support from SHS, and it was under the auspices of the Prime Minister, and with the main presence of the minister of Labor, Minister of social affairs, the head of personal affairs division and the representative of the Higher Council. Representatives of the DPOs attended the conference, along with other organizations and NGOs.

Roundtable Discussion and Job Fair about Right of Employment for people with Disabilities

MEPI Alumni Network and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. State Department, in cooperation with Stars of Hope Society have organized a roundtable discussion and job fair focusing on the Right to Employment of People with Disabilities, on Sunday, January 12th, from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm at the Caesar Hotel in Ramallah. This event aimed to raise awareness among the private sector on the right to employment for people with disabilities, and to discuss employment opportunities with university graduates with disabilities. The event has been attended by around thirty graduated students of women with disabilities, some have graduated from the universities and others were still in their last semester.

The International Conference in Madrid

SHS and in particular Mrs. Ola Abulghaib has been invited to participate in the International Conference in Madrid that was organized by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities. The conference was held during the period 27th till 29th of June 2012, under the title of “Challenges in the new millennium for women with disabilities”.

International Visit Leadership Program

In 2012, SHS and in cooperation with the US consulate, has took the pioneer role in coordinating for an international visit leadership program to different states in the United States. This visit is a kind of a project for the Palestinian Territories where Disabilities Rights Issues will be exchanged between both countries. Some of SHS team has been part of the this program, and had the experience of the Leadership program.

Employment Press Conference

On the 6th of June 2012, SHS has participated in a press conference that was conducted by Mr. Mousa Abu Zeid. The aim of the conference was to talk about the decision related to 5% law of employment, where it has been mentioned that this law will be implemented starting from this year 2012.

Final Conference for Musawa Project

On the 25th and 26th of February 2012, SHS has participated in the final regional conference for Musawa project, which was under the honor of League of Arab State, this conference has taken place in Cairo, under the title of “ towards equal opportunities and full participation to people with disabilities”. Many countries participated in this conference, such as Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. SHS participated in drafting presentation about the situation of people with disabilities in Palestine and recommendations for better strategies

SHS has participated in an educational day that has been conducted by the Development Studies Center at Birzeit University.

On the 12th June 2013, Stars of Hope has been invited to participate in an educational day that has been conducted by the development Studies Center at Birzeit University. The workshop was about the “Women with Disabilities, and their access to justice, challenges and obstacles at both official and non-official levels. This workshop came to present the results of the study that has been done by the Development studies center that shed the light on access to justice for WWDs. Different interventions have been made by different DPOs, higher judicial councils, stakeholders, and other related organizations, where all proved that there are many obstacles that prevent WWDs from accessing to justice. Recommendations have been reached out to have a good interaction between the CSOs, rights based organizations, women organizations and DPOs to work together to meet the needs of People with Disabilities.

Cairo Regional Conference; Women with Disabilities between Rights and Norms

Stars of Hope focal points have participated in a regional conference for MUSAWAII project entitled Women with Disabilities between rights and norms. This conference was under the patronage of the General Secretary of the League of Arab States and in cooperation with the Arab Forum of Women with Disabilities ( AFOWD). The conference was held in Cairo on the 27th and 28th of April 2013. Down below are the main topics that have been highlighted;

  • Convention on the elimination of all forum of discrimination against Women( CEDAW) and the interaction between the items of women with disabilities in the Convention on the rights of persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
  • Women with Disabilities in public and private life; between rights and norms.
  • WWDs and their rights in public and private life.
  • Customs that impedes the rights of WWDs,
  • WWDs in the discourse of the Women’s mainstream movement.
Stars of Hope has participated in a workshop with CSOs working in the field of employment.

On the 11th of March, 2013, Stars of Hope has participated in workshop that has included participants from many civil society organizations working in the field of employment. At the beginning of the workshop, the minister of Labor spoke about the ministry of Labor’ s role in the process of employment and the importance of contributing efforts between the ministry and the civil society organizations, to decrease the unemployment average. He stressed on the point that such an effort should be worked jointly. From the other side, the national strategic plan for employment was presented, and discussions were held accordingly. It has been recommended that the issue of employing people with disabilities will be taken into consideration in the coming future, and the 5% rate of employment will be taken into consideration.

Integrated Security Workshop

On the 21st of May 2012, Stars of Hope had the chance to participate in a 4-days workshop in Jordan entitled, “Integrated Security Workshop”. The main aim of this workshop was to realize the need of having the space for women activists to rest, connect with other activists and share their worries and challenges. It was of great benefit, as it gave Stars of Hope members the chance to integrate with women from other organizations, to form a community together, and to develop practical ways to strategize together on how to keep going, how to stay safe and sane and still do the work they love.

Stars of Hope’s focal point in Jenin, Mariam Zyoud, has as well participated in a workshop organized by Kvinna till Kvinna about integrated security and wellbeing. The Workshop was held in the period between 11th till 17th of April 2013 in Beit Lehem. This workshop was a ToT training for the trainees, which gave them the opportunity to train other group of WWDs in their areas about the same topic, and help them to stay safe and sane, and still do the work that they love.

Regional Conference in Tunis about gender and empowerment of Women economically and politically.

Stars of Hope has participated in the regional conference in Tunis that shed the light on the gender and empowerment of women economically and politically. This conference has been organized and sponsored by the United Nations Fund for equality between both genders.This workshop has contributed to deepening the management skills that focus on results and mechanism building indicators of the participating institutions that have received grants for developing a variety of projects targeting economic and political empowerment of Arab Women.

Many international organizations working in the sector of women, human rights and politics from different countries such as Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, have participated in the conference.

The conference also included an exhibition of research and scientific publications from all participating organizations. Stars of Hope and related to this issue has presented different films that have been published by Stars of Hope and that talk about the reality of WWDs in Palestine and the problems they face especially those related to access to services and political participation, which received a lot of attention of visitors. This is in addition to many publications of the institution that has been distributed to the audience and guests.

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